Delight Touch Steering® 3-in-1 trike

The Delight Touch Steering® 3-in-1 is a brilliant affordable first trike, equipped with smarTrike®'s great features of comfort and safety, including the patented Touch Steering® technology which enables you to steer the trike smoothly just like a steering a stroller.
smarTrike®'s unique red navigator button enables easy transition from stroller mode to trike mode.
The tricycle grows with your child from 10 months to 3 years old.

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Joy Touch Steering® 4-in-1 trike

smarTrike®s Joy Touch Steering® 4-in-1 tricycle steers a smooth as a stroller. Sturdy and stable and designed with all samrTrike®'s top features including the patented Touch Steering® technology for easy maneuvering and the red navigator button for easy transition from stroller mode to trike mode. This is a great value trike.

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Running Bike 2-in-1

smarTrike® Running Bike is the fastest way to teach independent balance on a bike. This unique bike teaches children confidence before pedaling by developing the skills of balance and coordination, so that when they are older, they can easily ride a bicycle. The bike converts from a low balance bike to a high balance bike by simply flipping the frame so it is also suitable for taller kids.

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smarTrike® is the world’s best selling and most awarded baby tricycle brand. Winners  of nearly every award in the ride-on industry, smarTrike®  designs smart innovative solutions to all cycling stages: Babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers.

smarTrike® introduced the first ever baby tricycle that had a steerable parent handle enabling parents to steer and control the trike . By doing this, smarTrike® created a whole new category of tricycles for babies and smarTrike®’s product became an instant best-sellers.

Sold in 70 countries worldwide smarTrike® is the world’s leading baby tricycle brand with millions of trikes sold every year. In fact, every 20 seconds, a smarTrike® is sold somewhere in the world.