What is a trike? and Why smarTrike®? | smart-trikeWhat is a trike? and Why smarTrike®? | smart-trike

What is a trike? and Why smarTrike®?


So what is a trike?

Trikes or tricycles are three wheeled pedal-controlled vehicles. Children’s tricycles are usually used between the ages of two and four. Before baby trikes were invented, only a child who could pedal independently was able to ride a tricycle. Later on, a parent handle was added to the classic tricycle, so that a parent could push the trike and assist the pedaling child.

The baby tricycle was born more than a decade ago, when steering capability was added to the parent handle. This development has created a whole new category in the children and toddlers vehicle and ride-on section – of which even babies can enjoy the joys of riding a trike!

Most baby tricycles existing in today’s markets are suitable for children from the age of 10 months. The majority of baby tricycle products are multi-stage trikes that grow with the child as they evolve – escorting them as they develop from the age of 10 months to 3 years old.

These baby trikes can be found in many different shapes and forms. The most popular types in today’s market are 3in1 and 4in1 trikes, which means the trike either has 3 or 4 stages.


There are so many kinds of trikes out there, so WHY smarTrike®?

At smarTrike® we believe in the importance of outdoor exploration in child development. As parents, we look for ways for our children to get the most out of the outdoors experience and at the same time allowing ourselves to enjoy the experience too. Weprovide a safe and exciting opportunity so that kids can discover new things about themselves and the outdoors, as well as develop their curiosity, motion and imagination.

smarTrike® is not only the world’s leading brand of grow with me tricycles, but it was also the first company to introduce a trike with a steerable parent handle. It is committed to the creation of great and efficient designs; attending to both the parent’s and child’s needs; and promoting child safety and development.

Its tradition and innovative spirit have advanced the steering technology of baby tricycles. smarTrike®’s patented Touch Steering technology, presented in 2012, changed way parents perceive baby tricycles. Now, these tricycles are not only a ride-on, but also function as strollers.

Going out with my one year old baby, we both prefer using the smarTrike® tricycle. For me, the steering is so easy, just like going out with the stroller. And I know my son is safe and happy, interacting with the environment and exploring the world.