The Family Circus: Being a smarTrike® Parent | smart-trikeThe Family Circus: Being a smarTrike® Parent | smart-trike

The Family Circus: Being a smarTrike® Parent


As a parent, I truly believe that we could all qualify to join the circus. We are busy creatures, probably more busy nowadays than our parents were (due to a growing number of women professionals and more community activities and societal obligations). It is said that this generation works more than the previous one. But it is not only our career that makes us excellent candidates for the circus. The fact that so many mothers and fathers have not only been so successful professionally, but have also made time to successfully raise children at home is incredible. It is the amazing juggling act that we perform (or at least try to) on a regular basis between work and home – not forgetting our own social life (if we still have time for one).

The greatest professional sacrifice of them all is not having enough time to spend with our children and babies. We know we should spend more time with them. We want to have quality time with them and be there for each momentous moment of their precious lives, but modern-day pressures don’t always allow for this. Therefore, as parents, we know the absolute importance of taking advantage of the limited time we have with our little ones, which leads us to the big question: What sort of things should we be doing with them? and how can we make the most of every free moment together?

Every time I have a free hour with my kids I feel like a juggler all over again, wanting to make the most of every minute. Then, I start thinking about how to engage them in activity – whether through cooking or arts and crafts, reading a book or just playing a game… and POOF there goes a whole hour to waste!

ecently, I stopped thinking and started walking. A stroll in the park or just in the neighborhood is now officially my family’s favorite afternoon activity. So we pack some goodies, enough for everyone, then, we hit the road geared up for our next family expedition.

My kids are curious of the outdoors and love to explore nature. The more time they spend outdoors, the more their curiosity develops and grows. Everything interests them. Everything catches their little eyes – whether a flock of birds passing through the big bright blue sky overhead, or their wish to learn the name of every flower they see. I just love exposing them to the unique sounds, smells and colors of the great outdoors.

I have found that the greatest way to experience the outdoors with my kids, is when I take the smarTrike® tricycle with me. Using it actually encourages me to head out for a journey as well. My baby loves travelling with the whole family. Sitting comfortably in his smarTrike® he has a broad view of his surroundings, finally having the possibility to explore everything the same way his older siblings do. As it is so easy for me to walk with the smarTrike®, using only one hand, I have the ability to give attention to my other kids. I can hold their hand or even let them steer the trike for a bit and allow them to feel like a grown-up –even just for a minute or two.

So if parenthood is a bit like a circus, then why not make the most out of it. I recommend all parents to head out with their kids. On behalf of smarTrike®, I want to thank all of the parents out there for working so hard to raise the next generation of the family circus. Keep up the good work! Remember – Ride on! Keep Exploring the

outdoors together – this is the best family time!